Be the first to know.

Woch continuously monitors top retail sites for real-time stock updates and provides an exclusive community to notify you when products release or restock. No more missing out on restocks or hearing about a shock drop too late!


Real Time Stock Updates

Woch is contanstly monitoring sites. Get notified instantly when sneakers and all things hype are released or restocked.

Live Market Comparisons

We provide comparisons of retail prices to current resell prices for items to help you make quick and smart financial moves.

Direct Links

Each notification contains a direct link to the product, getting you there faster and increasing your odds of copping.


How does Woch work?

Woch has bots setup to monitor online retailers for stock updates of sneakers and hype products. When Woch sees that a product has released or restocked, we send a notification to our private Discord server with a direct link to the product for fast checkout and a live market value to help you decide quickly if you want to purchase and minimize your financial risk.

Why are memberships limited?

Woch limits memberships in an effort to give our members more W's per member. We care about providing a service that benefits our customers. We would rather provide a great service to few than a decent service to many.

Do I need a bot to use Woch?

No bot necessary! Bot usage is what makes Woch so powerful, but it might not be for the reason you first think. With sites cracking down on bot purchases, retailers are getting better and better at filtering those bot purchases out. This leads to the store restocking all of those purchases made by the bots and gives purchasers another opportunity to grab the product for retail price! Woch lets you know as soon as restocks occur and provides you a direct link to checkout.

Ready to get ahead in the hype game?

Early Access members will be locked in at the Early Access price for the duration of their membership.

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